Social life and Millennial Language. Our New Power of Storytelling

We, as the Millennial Generation, have this extremely strong power that sums up in having creating a common way of understanding each other through a new form of ungrammatical, syntactically different form of English that bond us together in the same storytelling process. 

Our Zero Waste Routine in the kitchen

All started with a straw. Or better with my first NO to a straw. I guess we are quite familiar with all those images and videos about turtles and fishes choked by straws and plastic bags in the oceans.  The documentary " A Plastic Ocean" did the rest so I decided to slowly start doing …

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Our Family Path Towards a Zero Waste Life: the Fashion Revolution

First of all, let's be clear: there no such a ZERO WASTE thing. As clearly explained by a lot of articles about our economy, we are living in a disposable world so basically there is no way for us to actually live a completely Zero Waste life. I won't go in details because you can …

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How to entertain kids in a foreign country

  How many times did you ask to yourself, while preparing for an international trip, what can I do to entertain my kid(s) if they get bored? Perhaps, sometimes you are travelling to a country where you don't speak the language, where you don't know which kind of  child culture/habits/care they have towards children. Sometimes …

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Out again. Moving to Brussels

Some have decreed our madness definitively; some told us that we did well; some still thought it was not right or right or prudent to change again. The fact is that we moved again and we arrived in Brussels , after 12h of travel through Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, on July 28th. It seemed a foregone choice, …

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What to do in Krakow? Kids&eating in winter time

In the last post, a couple of months ago, I wrote a bit about our arrival in Krakow and how it was not all exactly peaches&dandelions. Or better than almost nothing was as I had imagined. Today, after three months, I feel I can say something more about life in this city and I will do it following three guidelines, which are the ones around which I have organized my life here.

Krakow, Poland. A new start.

Waltz No. 3 in A Minor, Op. 34, No. 2 - Frédéric Chopin Since we arrived in Krakow at the end of October, I still could not put a point to the many feelings that this new moving unleashed. Krakow is a beautiful city, served by an excellent public transport network that connects the whole …

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Vegan Chocolate Cake

With all the rain of these days, it is not so weird to think about autumn. I almost feel in the atmosphere for Halloween so I slowly start gain to set fire to the stove.  In these days "Vattelapesca house" is a bit everywhere as we are spanned on 3 houses between the south of Italy and …

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