Our Zero Waste Routine in the kitchen

All started with a straw. Or better with my first NO to a straw. I guess we are quite familiar with all those images and videos about turtles and fishes choked by straws and plastic bags in the oceans.  The documentary " A Plastic Ocean" did the rest so I decided to slowly start doing …

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Out again. Moving to Brussels

Some have decreed our madness definitively; some told us that we did well; some still thought it was not right or right or prudent to change again. The fact is that we moved again and we arrived in Brussels , after 12h of travel through Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, on July 28th. It seemed a foregone choice, …

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What to do in Krakow? Kids&eating in winter time

In the last post, a couple of months ago, I wrote a bit about our arrival in Krakow and how it was not all exactly peaches&dandelions. Or better than almost nothing was as I had imagined. Today, after three months, I feel I can say something more about life in this city and I will do it following three guidelines, which are the ones around which I have organized my life here.

A family trip to the beautiful Krakow

A few days ago we returned to France after a regenerating trip ... in the North, or rather in the Center-East. We spent a week in Krakow, Poland as guests of Mattia's sister. We wanted to detach for some time from our daily life, before the new jump (there are few changes in Vattelapesca house) and …

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You are not your job: slow living, breath&be happy

  When the expiration of your job contract approaches, the more insistent thought that begins is: "What will I do next?". In my case, this thought usually appears six to seven months before the end of the contract, because, let's be clear, it is not that the contracts have been here for more than a year. Of course, …

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